It’s more than 4 years for me in Japan.

  • I’ve traveled to 33 of 47 Japan’s different prefectures.
  • I transitioned from teaching in rural Japan to an English Media company in Tokyo called GPlusMedia as a staff writer/content manager. GPlus is a part of Fujisankei Communications Group, which is the largest media brand in Japan.
  • In 2018, I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of GaijinPot Travel and we won a Japan Tourism Award.
  • Each day brings the shock and excitement of living in one of the most bizarre, beautiful and exciting cultures on earth.
  • As a reporter and editor for 8+ years, I learned to observe how others created change in their communities. I used this as a guide to decide how I wanted to follow suit.
  • My passion is to create engaging content as well as a distinct experience for the reader/user through web media. Through developing skills and knowledge not only in writing, but also photography, video, audio, social media, marketing, and public relations, I have lead teams and projects to success.
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My Philosophies
  • Engagement isn’t just more clicks; it’s connecting a community. In an age where technology makes it easier to be in lost in one’s own perspective, journalists empower readers with knowledge that’s outside their immediate lives but still affects how they see and interact with the world.
  • Kindness counts.
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