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Japan Publications

AJET Connect Magazine

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USA publications 2010-15

Articles are from Unified Newspaper Group publications, including Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub, Your Family Magazine, Fitchburg Star and Verona Press.


Human Interest and Features
  • A 6-year-old with diabetes — how he copes (Award-winning article)
  • Shooting down hunger: Organization leader raises nearly $2M to fight hunger
  • Hip-hop dance’s rising stars
  • Life With One Hand
    • Follow-up Articles: Haack delivers book — one-handed
    • Hack gets funding for book


  • 2014 Summer Your Family
    Summer feature on Ultimate Frisbee — the sport gaining traction in Madison, WI
  • 2014 Spring Your Family – Page 12
    Day Trip article on New Glarus, WI — Please see Page 12
  • 2013 Fall Your Family – Page 8
  • Farmers Market review in Madison, WI — Please see Page 8

Articles (with commentary)
  • Life with one hand

    Ryan is still someone I keep in contact with, but I’m sure that’s no accomplishment, as he is a fun, easy-going guy who you can instantly get along with. Calling him Inspiring would still be short-changing him. He helps people, particularly kids, realize that just because they’re different doesn’t mean they have to miss out on any thing in life. His message is something we can all learn from. I certainly did.

  • Star’s success speaks for itself

     I contributed to relaunching the print edition of the Fitchburg Star newspaper in Fitchburg, WI. This is a column which was published in March 2015 and is reflects upon its success.

  • Couple, both cancer survivors, keep fighting

    It brings tears to my eyes thinking of this wonderful family. The interview was done from the hospital.

  • ‘Active,’ 81-year-old assistant fire chief retires after five decades
     Red was an amazing guy. It was easy to see that after meeting him — and about 50 other people who loved him. That included his family, friends and co-workers. The best part about this assignment was seeing people show appreciation, share stories, and have a few laughs.
  • Community supports healthy 6-year-old after two liver transplants

    What a cutie. And what a heart-wrenching story. To see this healthy six-year-old and then hear the terror of how sick he was and what he went through, it made it that much more inspiring. I’ll never forget asking the mother if she felt that what they had gone through makes everything else feel like it’s no big deal, and having her overwhelmingly thank me for understanding that point of view. My pleasure.

  • Verona grad gets surprise from Green Bay Packer

    A fun story and a bit silly, but as a journalist, you’ve got to know your audience. This article was one of our top-10 clicked on of the year, because if there’s one thing Wisconsin loves — it is it’s cheese and its Green Bay Packers.

  • 6-year-old turns diabetes diagnosis into reason to party

    I still hold Henry and his family close to my heart. I did a check-up article on the family 2 years later, and to see Henry vibrant, silly and happy — I still choke up thinking about it.

  • Artist takes live-streaming cross-country trek from Arizona to Michigan

    The headline says it all, But what I will never forget is asking her if she feels what she is doing is “brave.” She said no. That what is brave and that people all over the world do:  Is loving someone even though you know one day they’ll die.

  • Community shows support for family who received lynching threat

    Talk about a complicated story, and one that really came up quickly! A lot of leg work to find sources when all we had to go off of was a flier on Facebook which had no contact information. But, that’s my job! After reaching Ms. Hale via a web search and getting her cell phone number, we had a long conversation, where she shed tears. It was a really hard situation and she even divulged to me that beyond the severity of the racist death threats which were put onto her son, that a family member of hers had actually been lynched during the civil rights struggle. While I could not substantiate this, and therefore could not include them in the article, it was a very intense 2 weeks talking to many people from the community, attending the peace rally, and trying to ensure the police would continue to talk to me. The end result was coverage and an article that fairly and accurately portrayed what happened.

  • Verona hip-hop duo

    After no longer covering Kyle and Keem, I am free to say that I am a huge fan! These are some talented young individuals, and I had a lot of seeing their dedication to their art.

  • Packed in: Pantry looking for new facility as need outgrows space

    Getting to know the inner workings of a food pantry brought some really eye-opening experiences for me. I followed the whole process, from planning, to observing volunteers to seeing how people lined up in the cold weather and the snow to get food. If more people had this experience, I don’t think they would have the attitude that these people “should just go get a job.”


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