Preparations for Japan: on-going!

Each day this week I’ve spent driving around Madison doing all sorts of things to get ready… making my last dentist and doctor appts, doing banking, looking for tokens from Madison and Wisconsin to give as gifts to my co-workers and students in Japan… (enough for 22 staff members!)

Here are some things I found today on State Street:

– Bucky Badger stickers

-Baseball-shaped gum

-American flag themed mints

– Stylized Map of Madison (only $5)

Plus, I went to the visitors center and got a bunch of maps — including ones of the cheese factories and apple orchards in Wisconsin — and other Madison materials to show them.

Still looking for something that’s not too expensive to add to giving the teachers stickers that could still be considered Wisconsin-esque… the search continues….

Next up will be filling out my VISA form and waiting for my Certificate of Eligibility from Japan… which should be arriving any day now. I will take these and have to drive to Chicago to apply for my VISA.

And to wrap up the night… my friend Max bought all the fixings for some amazing sushi which I prepared for dinner. Oishii sushi desu.



Lastly, I spent some time watching YouTube videos (some great, some just OK) on life in Japan. Here is one I think a lot of people will appreciate… which includes ALL of the “Mean Girls” references an American could ask for… But also the vid is terribly fascinating that the “popular” kids in Japan aren’t much like the ones here.

Oyasumi nesai.




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