Wild first 20 days in nihon

Don’t know what Nihon means? Time to learn. It’s how you say japan in Japanese.

In fact, that’s one of the things I cherish about living in japan… Is being able to learn something completely new everyday.

Below is the city and prefecture I live in… More on that below.


Sosa city is in the dark green area
Sosa city is in the dark green area

Yesterday I learned the word for cockroach… Gokiburi… Hope that’s the right spelling! Anyways, you’re probably wondering why I learned that word, or maybe you’re wondering but aren’t exactly sure if you want to know why. I’ll save that for later.

So so let’s start with some basics. A ton has happened in 20 days so I will go back to some things later… Here are some quick stats…

1. I live in Sōsa city which is in Chiba prefecture. A prefecture can be likened to a state in the USA. My city had around 40,000 people, including 5 ALTs or assistant language teachers at area junior and senior high schools. All 5 of us are native English speakers who give students real life practice with foreigners as well as cultural lessons.

2. Sosa is not considered a big city… It’s referred to as “inaka” or countryside-esque. You can hear the chirping crickets at night and it’s extremely quiet and peaceful on my walks home at night. Genre rally the only sounds in the street are cars or bikes. I am liking Sosa. It is not so small that there are no restaurant or bars. Also there is a huge grocery and home good store called “cainz” about 5 minutes from my apartment where I can basically get everything I need. 

3. I don’t have a car — I ride my bike which I bought here, walk or take the train. A train ride to Chiba city takes about an hour and is about $20 round trip. You just have to make sure you don’t miss last train! 

4. I am an hour’a train ride from Chiba city and about 2 hours from Tokyo. 

5. I’ve already met people in the community. Most of them are very interested in speaking English and learning more about America. 

6. I think my odd humor goes over better here than in the states and I’m liking it. A lot of the people I’ve talked to here are also extremely interested in what you have to say, no matter how big or small — they are impressed. Or at least,any have made me feel as so. Perhaps the people of Sosa are the anti hipsters!?

7. Please keep in mind this is just one persons experience in one part of japan. It doesn’t mean all of japan is like what I’m experiencing. Just like in the USA different parts have different flavors. 

That’s all for now. I need to practice my Japanese to  make a speech in front of the whole school tomorrow…. Enjoy some photos below!!!


The local “English circle” group had a welcome party for us! Loved the signs!
Miss Ito and keiko at the welcome party. Keiko LOVES the red hot chili peppers band and it is the reason she started learning English!
“Calpis” is essentially yogurt soda… I thought it was Gatorade type stuff… Nope just soda.
Japanese pop boy band… Yes it’s sort of common for there to be about 100 ppl in one group
Dinner with other ALTs includes private karaoke, dinner and all you can drink for 2 hours for 3000¥ or 30$
Mmmm iced coffee at a local cafe
Yup…. That’s my techie toilet

image image

Puri kura otherwise known as really intense photo booths
In Chiba city!
A lot of things in japan are things you never realized you needed, like this waffle holder
Cockroaches during the very humid summer are common 😦 😦 here is a trap I’ve setup … A gokiburi hotel where the roaches come in but they ain’t coming out. Not fun.
A sign for a traditional sushi place… Sushi here is much more expensive but very good. A good sized meal could be 50 or 100 dollars. But keep in mind, their grocery store grade sushi is often times as good as some of the sushi we get at a sushi place in the USA








3 thoughts on “Wild first 20 days in nihon

  1. This is awesome! Love the pictures! I am sorry to hear you have cockroaches. Blerg.

    I hope the first week went swimmingly! I am sure everyone totally loves you!

    Miss you lots.

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