NOT a dance party

So, cockroaches are very much a thing here. Luckily, I am happy to report I have not had a gokiburi (cockroach) sighting in my house for more than 2 weeks!

However, a teacher just came in say there was a big one in our school! This doesn’t mean our school is dirty, it’s just that the cockroaches are plenty and our school is very open … lots of doors open etc. — lots of opportunities for them to come on in!

Anyways, she comes in and tells a male teacher or two that there are cockroaches “circling.” They run out to go take care of it! I ask her:

“Ookii desu ka?!” (Is it big??)

She said yes, but I thought she said there were more than one. SO I asked how many!?

“Just one!” she said. “Not a dance party!”

Laughed so hard….


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