JP in 10 #2

My god. It’s Friday. It’s 60 F. And I’m headed to Tokyo this weekend.

Yes, conveyor belt sushi.

I am feeling more and more confident in the classroom every day. It’s been a challenge getting my footing as a first-time ESL teacher, but not being afraid to use the resources around me has worked. And let’s be honest, I do, more often than not, enjoy an audience.

However, an audience I can help be more open-mind, confident and willing to try new things — that’s the type I have. It’s taken a while to realize this. In journalism, we are often left to flounder around to know if the audience 1. is even enjoying what we are writing and 2. if they’re even reading it to begin with.

Anyways, it’s been fun. However, work is almost done for the week and I’m onto a bit of a weekend. I’m first making it to the AJET Thanksgiving Dinner. A dinner put on by the JET program (*Which i am lucky enough my WI program gets to be a part of this network!). Don’t know what JET is? (Time to Google.) It’ll be many other language teachers who are foreigners or ALTs getting to gether, cooking a traditional thanksgiving dinner and then eating it, haha.

I’m excited for it. It is my first Thanksgiving away from home, so it will be nice to have some semblence of familiarity. Although, I will miss my family a lot!!!! And it will not be the same, at least the food will be good.

Some friends and I plan to go out drinking afterward in the “gay district” of Tokyo, which is near Shinjuku. I actually still need to book a hostel for that night to stay over. (It’s about a 2.5 hour train ride back to my city, but what’s really a drag is the last train leaves at 930PM!! WHICH is not conduscive to really doing anything at night.)

Next, on Sunday. I will be visiting Skytree — Tokyo Tower — and going out with the women from yoga to a fancy dinner.

Monday is a holiday, so I may relax or go shopping, depending on how I feel.

This is sort of a boring update, but gives a look into my life, so i guess it’s OK.

I just want to say that it’s pretty awesome being here. And I thank my parents for exposing me to travel and different cultures at a young age, that’s even allowed me think about trying something so new and challenging. I hope more parents in America do this for their children.  But, that’s for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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