New Year Cards: Year of the Sheep

New Years cards made by my students! Most of them spent about 20 minutes desiging these!


That’s what I wrote on the board this morning on Friday, Dec. 5. These kids are talented… more than they know. They made “New Years Cards,” (called “nengejo” in Japanese) from scratch. We are exchanging these cards with a middle school in Wisconsin, USA.

Many of them have a “sheep” theme because the sheep is 2015’s animal/symbol. I also got to learn more about Japanese New Year traditions through reading their cards.

Some things Japanese do on New Year’s Eve/Day:

❤ Eating traditional New Year foods (Osechi) such as rice cakes (omochi), soba noodles and specail obento-box-type meals specially prepared and ordered before the New Year.

❤  Staying up to watch the sunrise on New Year’s Eve/Day

❤  Going to a shrine to get your fortune / to pray (called Houtsumoude, New Year’s visit to a Shinto (a main religion in Japan) shrine)

❤  Otoshidama — is the New Years money/gift kids often recieve from their parents/relatives

❤  I guess there are marathons on TV, which people are fond of.

❤ This site actually sums it up perfectly and concisely ::: check it out!

Now look at these cards — so cute — kawaii, ne?!

IMG_3027  IMG_3025 IMG_3024 IMG_3023 IMG_3022 IMG_3021 IMG_3020 IMG_3019 IMG_3018    IMG_3014


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