Karaoke, kangaroo meat, Herb Island and a waterfall

Another full weekend of the best of Japan. Thank you to everyone who made it great. Especially to Kimura Sensei and his wife Ikuko-san, who took myself and some other ALTs on an adventure on Sunday and then had us over for dinner that night. The kindness and gernousity I’ve experienced in Japan has been, simply, unmatched.

Mmmm Friday night dinner and drinks. Fried pork steak and plum wine.IMG_3031 IMG_3032

Mr. Narukawa calls in for Karaoke backup!

FRIDAY NIGHT KARAOKE with other Sosa High School teachers! Cultural exchange deshou!IMG_3033 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3037

Roponggi Hills<Whiskey Hills — oh Tokyo!IMG_3041

Beer Saurus — where they have Cream Ale, Tacos and don’t forget the KANGAROO MEAT!IMG_3043 IMG_3044

Herb Island>>A garden/green house/resturant in Chiba!IMG_3049  IMG_3050 IMG_3051

Off to Otaki area to see the waterfall and go for a hike. Thank you to our spirit guide — Ms. Ikuko Kimura — who is the wife of our Japanese English Teacher — Mr. Kimura.  IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3094 IMG_3057  IMG_3058   IMG_3063    IMG_3067 IMG_3066 IMG_3069  IMG_3071  IMG_3073 IMG_3072 IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3077   IMG_3078 IMG_3081 IMG_3080 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_3087 IMG_3086 IMG_3088    IMG_3093  IMG_3096 IMG_3097


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