JP in 5 #1

JP update in 5 minutes — OK!

It’s been a slow week, but I’ve done a lot. Slow because the main class I teach is finished. The seniors have off school since about February to prepare for entrance exams and graduation. So, in this time, I’ve taken some extra hours to update and do an overhaul on my resume, cover letter-writing abilities and of course, this porfolio/blog!

Sometimes it can seem so daunting trying to post things on the blog because it seems there is so much to tell. So little chunks are best, plus dumping a ton of photos !

What else? I found a new Japanese food I like. It’s called “Ama Natto” — it’s not like natto (fermented soy beans) but are sweet, dried sugary beans. I like to eat them as a dessert… and maybe it’s a little healthy at least??

Some future trips I plan to take in Japan include: Kobe, Nikko, Kyoto, Osaka, and perhaps fly out to South Korea. Traveling is very accessible in Japan and I cannot express how much the US is lacking in this comparatively. One can argue the US is so big it’s more diffcult to do, but even just traveling within the Midwest.. not that great.

Sad to see a lot of negative news coming out of the US and Wisconsin because of all the horrible things Scott Walker is doing with the budget, but I try not to think about it. So let’s not think about it now.

I feel happy today, so I am going to go for a run. Cheers! Hope everyone stays safe and warm… Until next time!


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