Give me chocolate? I can get on board with that.

One of my students told me to loook up this band. It’s her favorite. 
The name of the song is “Gibu Me Chyokoreto”  Yes. “Give me chocolate.” Oh Japan.
Not exactly sure why, but Japan is sort of obsessed with chocolate. When I first came here, I thought that there was no chocolate here. I don’t know where I heard that from, or why I thought it. But I’ve learned some big lessons on that. One of my students comes up to me everyday and is like “Give me chocolate please!” But then whips out a huge candy bar and starts laughing. Ha ha ha.
One really cool thing, though, is the Valentine’s Day tradition is to MAKE chocolate (and other sweets) for your friends and lovers. I like how they are homemade. My students made me some of the best chocolate truffles I’VE EVER HAD. Long live Japan’s Choco obsession. Think I’ll go eat some now… Enjoy the song… 0_0

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