Me before Japan /// me now

I now love rice and think Crocks are OK. Japan has changed me in the funniest of ways — so I wrote about it. (I’ve lived here about 7 months.)

A recent romp in Yokohama with some Austrailians I met along the way!
0 social awareness in public / 
almost complete social awareness 
in public.
talking on your phone extensively in 
public -- no big deal / 
talking on your phone in public? 
Put this person in jail, AND please, 
torture them.
 Never asking anyone their "hobby" ever /
 Saying phrases like "See you" 
(I was warned about that one.) 
"Is it OK?" and "What is your hobby?" 
never bowing / Bowing when you give and 
recieve change at a store like in 4 
different ways. it's a very subtle yet 
intense process not to be overlooked.
thinking the nickname "V" is cute/ 
Viku or ヴィク (Vee-koo) is just as cute 
if not cuter

never eating rice, to thinking why would I even need this much rice? to/ WHERE the F*** is my rice.
never even owned under armor/ 
In the winter, wearing at least one layer
 of heat-tech (tight spandex) top and 
bottom or I feel completely naked, and 
freezing. and agreeing 70 times a day 
that the weather is "so cold," even 
when it's like 50 degrees out.
thinking Crocs are ridiculous / 
knowing Crocs are the best indoor 
shoe with NO SHAME, especially when 
they are $5 knock-offs
rarely making plans two weeks ahead of 
time / Making plans months in advance /
 freaking out if it's a week out and 
nothing has been decided
Thinking america's tipping system had at
 least some merit/ 
knowing it's a complete and utter crock 
of shit (no tipping in Japan. not even 
taxi drivers)
Speaking of which, jumping into a taxi/ 
Having the taxi door open for you 
automatically and the driver wears 
white gloves that make him seem like 
a rapist if he were in the states, 
but just makes him polite here.
Never checking the weather/ 
Developing a 6th sense about when I'll 
need an umbrella / just carrying an 
umbrella with me at all times.
Thinking $6 for a nigiri sushi 
(2 pieces) is good / Thinking $6 for a 
nigiri sushi (2 pieces) is insanely 
asian men? / Asian. Men.
walking into peoples houses without 
knocking or warning them / out of habit,
 saying "sorry for interrupting you" in 
Japanese, even when I open a door in my 
own apartment, in which I am the only 
inhabitant of
road rage/ pedestrian rage. Getting used
 to cars driving like 2 inches away from
 you / never getting used to that because
 it never not feels like you'll get hit 
by a car
never having been hit by a car/ 
almost hit by a car twice 
(pedestrian does not have the right-away;
 it's very confusing!)
Thinking a 10 minutes walk was long /
 thinking a 30 minute walk is awesome.
Never using / is now my bible
Getting someone's phone # / 
Getting their "LINE app" ID instead
thinking the USA's spiders are scary / 
now knowing Japan's spiders are 10 times
 bigger and 100 times more in amount
Never using cockroach repellent / 
buying all of the repellent and traps
 and making my house into a war zone 
during th summer
Do you even train, bro? / 
Trains ❤ how did i ever live 
without trains! ❤
Trying out the Tokyo Pub Crawl, which happened to be co-managed by a guy from Wisconsin!


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