Nothing could have prepared me for the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Thanks to Starbucks, at the beginning of the famous “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season” this year in Japan, I got a feeling like it was sort of similar to the Shamrock Shake thing in the USA from McDonald’s.*


You know: where a company holds a flavor hostage until once a year when everyone loses their mind over it because hype, but also because, well, it’s tasty as all get-up. When Starbucks dropped their Sakura-flavored Latte, and everyone went wild in Japan, posting endless streams of pink coffee-milk pix all over social media — I thought it was just another Shamrock Shake phenomenon.

Note: I am an idiot.


While sakura-flavored food is out of this freaking world… from mochi to ice cream to sakura tempura to soy milk, sakura season is beyond anything I could have read about.


It gets a lot of hype.

So much hype that there is a cherry blossom prediction chart, noting where and what date the cherry blossoms, like a gift from what ever God you chose to believe in, will arrive. I am told the fragrant blossoms peak and the petals fall away within 5-6 days. Short-lived beauty.


It’s true, not many things live up to hype.** But what’s more rare is when something not only lives up to, but exceeds the hype.

Nothing could have prepared me.

Not photos.

Not people asking me if it was my first “Sakura season…” with tiny sparks of joy in their eyes.

Not entire parties (Hosted by YouTube, Tinder and others) devoted to simply “watching” the cherry blossoms.

Not the flavors.

Not even sakura mochi.

…For the overwhelming breath of life these sights give you!

Photos cannot do justice. But, its better than nothin. Please enjoy until you can see the real thing for yourself. These photos are from various locations in Japan, including Kyoto, Tokyo and Chiba. ❤

IMG_5808 IMG_5863 IMG_5866 IMG_5868 IMG_5883 IMG_5886 IMG_5901 IMG_5905 IMG_5910  IMG_5928 IMG_5930 IMG_5938 IMG_5946  IMG_6042 IMG_6130  IMG_6150 IMG_6153 IMG_6155 IMG_6167

*(By the way, they don’t have SS’s here, and I never want to start another sentence with “Thanks to Starbucks…”)

** LOL@ “The Year 2000!”


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