The part where I even make having bronchitis into a (somewhat) positive

Update be like


I’ve had it for about the past 2 weeks. This weekend will be my two-week anniversary. Anniversary of my annual reminder of how much it sucks not to be in good health.

Living on food from the konbini.
Living on food from the konbini.

I feel weak as hell! Basically, just want to go to bed after I’m done with the school day. A late bed-time is 9 pm. But, i’m not here to complain!

I actually feel quite grateful because I was able to find an English-language speaking doctor in my town. I was in and out of the doctor in under an hour. Pretty impressive for a walk-in clinic in the seasons for an excess of colds and allegories and APPARENTLY, bronchitis.

I am also super grateful for another ALT in my city, Leilani, who suggested the clinic and gave me all the info. Really don’t know what I would have done with out her. (She also had bronchitis! Grrrr.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.00.59
(My insurance covers 70% of the bill. My insurance in the USA covered 75% of the bill = $25 to see a doctor, plus the copay cost of medicine.)

The delightful experience, where they diagnosed everything and explained and gave me the medicine ON SITE (didn’t have to go to another pharmacy), really makes me wonder how fucking stupid Americans are for being one of the only westernized countries without a real proper form of national health insurance. Obama Care is a start. But Yeah.

By the way, all these pills (and the visit) cost less than $15.

As you can see,

I’m in a bit of a mood today,

and have been thinking about the “ego” lately. And how it makes people so incredibly ugly, which there can be beauty underneath, make no mistake, it just gets buried.

Still, I’ve met some pretty cool people lately. Mostly Japanese who are helping me chat in Japanese (And I help them chat in English.) It was incredibly interesting to try to describe to one of my friends what it’s like to attempt to talk to women in the USA. Of course I gave him all sides of the story, but, it really boiled down to pretending that you’re not into them, so they will be into you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.00.05
Imagine a 59-year-old Japanese man asking you to guess the character that’s on his bag… then showing you this, saying, I found it in my locker. I forgot I bought this in the USA 6 years ago. #stillvalid

“That’s kind of sad.” He said. “Yeah…” I said, thinking of all the time I spent while dating trying to pretend I didn’t like someone as much as I did. Not even sure if people do that here in Japan. Would be interesting to talk about. (Another time!)

But right now is just about today… (Isn’t it always?)

team teaching: team sport

So I had two “team-teaching” classes today, and it was really encouraging. The teachers made an extra effort to “use” me in class. I even showed one class a new song I’ve been listening to lately! It was fun to play it (off my phone – very convenient!) in class, and show them some electronic music. I know ALL TOO WELL how exposed they are to world-wide pop music (one direction, taylor swift, ariana grande), but I think I owe it to them to broaden their perspective.

In my other, I teach with my homeroom class. (This means I see them everyday before and after school for 10-15 minutes. So, I know all their names. Though, I feel like the majority of them are just beginning to open up to me… It’s a great feeling.) Today, we did “casual talks.” This is the best way for them to learn and become more confident. There’s no test. I just plop myself in front of them and am like “What’s up!” (Followed by blank stares… then submission into talking… muhahaha)

New Textbook! Inspire :)
New Textbook! Inspire 🙂

Seriously though, can’t believe I’ve been sick this long and it is hanging on like a dog who won’t let go of a bone. PS- I’m the bone! Walking up stairs is a bitch. I CANNOT wait to be well again to get back on my gym schedule and running. I wonder how out of shape I will be after not working out for 2 weeks….. … .. …. makes me think about people who never work out —-> scary. Get outside and go for a walk people!!!!!

In my weak state, I hope to do that tonight!

I've been buying these 500 yen bento boxes all weak cuz I've been too exhausted to cook... makes me wonder if I'll ever cook again... おいしかった!
I’ve been buying these 500 yen bento boxes all weak cuz I’ve been too exhausted to cook… makes me wonder if I’ll ever cook again… おいしかった!


Just want to say, I miss everyone. And happy Spring. Because Spring time is an amazing time to shed all the old bothers and take the chance to become new.

Oh and by the way, I cut off all my glorious hair. Before you start thinking “Oh no it’s Britney 2007?”

Just short. Like above my shoulders short. ❤


One thought on “The part where I even make having bronchitis into a (somewhat) positive

  1. Hi Victoria,

    I want to make sure that you go back to the Dr and get checked if you are not feeling better. Are you still coughing a lot? If so I worry you maybe developing walking pneumonia? Take from me I have had it and it can knock you on your ass. The only thing that helped me was bed rest. Yes I was teaching at the time and the Dr ordered me to stay home. So let me know how you are feeling, if you r not better, then go back to the dr, Auntie Ann is doing well, should be back in Madison this weekend. Let me know how you are feeling, Love Mom

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