Imma ricist

And sometimes you just have to drink read wine and eat curry pizza and it freaking blows your minds to bits… Sosa City food is surprisingly amazing.

I just legitimately cooked for the first time in freaking weeks. Grilled chicken and guacamole.

I know what you’re thinking: 1. You should have enough time to cook for yourself and 2. Um, that’s like all protein and fat. You know what —->!!! Yes, you’re pretty much totally right.

However…. i really missed gauc. you can’t really buy it here. and #2, i eat carbs like basically everyday now and it FREAKING ROCKS.

in the states, i didn’t see the merit of it really. sliced bread is basically like eating a leather shoe sole and rice is a bitch to make. pasta is good but seems like too filling just for lunch. i mostly enjoy meat ,vegetables, cheese, eggs, fruit blah blah blah, plus i always had it my head that “healthy” = NO CARBS

For me, that is just f***ing garbage. I eat rice a lot now. And it tastes UTTERLY fantastic. Thanks Japan, for your rice game being so on point, you converted this non-ricest into a …. ricest…. K… that’s like way too close to racist, so I’m just gonna leave it at this: rice and carbs (in a balanced meal) are really beneficially because GET THIS —-> I ACTUALLY FEEL FULL!

so sick of the  no-carb propaganda and being “sold” how to eat.

that + a good amount of walking in a day + weights and cardio have made me feel a lot more healthy mentally and physically, as i was basically eating like crap and feeling like crap after a month of being sick and intense traveling (ah…hem.. not complaining about traveling at all, but you know how it goes with food while you’re traveling… anyways. next up, you’ll see/hear about those travels.)

Go buy some Japanese rice from your local asian foods store!


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