July / Aug. in ONLY 11 photos

This post is made up of random photos I grabbed from a folder of  photos from July and August. Whatever I picked out I will now describe for you. By the way, I usually take hundreds of photos in a month. So this is quite a wicked mix with many gaps!

  1. Kohl Trimbell has moved to Yokohama, Japan. Now you’re saying, wait isn’t that your friend who visited in April — the one you’ve known forever? Yes, yes, it is. So that’s crazy. Here we are doing Karaoke.
  2. Do you use LINE? Maybe you should so you can talk to me more. It is a free app that allows international calls, texting and video chat. But more importantly you can use cute stickers to communicate instead of Emojis, can you guess what’s going on here? lol

2015-08-20 09.54.28 2015-08-25 22.12.39

3. Fun at the Kimura’s House!

4. I’m often traveling from various parts of Tokyo. This is what my commute looks like…

5. Never come between a MAN and his ICE CREAM. This is Kotaro!

2015-08-26 19.51.38 2015-06-21 17.46.05 2015-07-11 21.58.06

6. Sumida fireworks from the 13th floor!

7. The morning view in gorgeous Oze National Park. My mom and I (along with Ms. Kimura) went Mt. Hiking here. For more on that, check out one of my latest articles on JapanTravel.com!

2015-07-25 19.54.46  2015-07-29 05.21.22 HDR

8. A wee bit dirty after 5 hours of hiking 🙂

9. Mom and Ms. Kimura enjoy iced coffee after hiking.

2015-07-29 12.21.14 2015-07-29 12.20.21

10. Lunch in Aobudai – near Yokohama 🙂

11. Selfie situations! Taken before the party we had with Alana for her going away and to welcome my mom to Japan. Crazy Karaoke was had after…. 🙂

2015-08-15 09.15.49 2015-07-24 21.40.19


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