Flower arrangement club 

is pretty much what you think it is, but also much more when you actually do it. 

We arranged flowers. These were fall flowers. I paid 800¥ for them, arranged them in a freestyle manner, took a photo, then it was over as soon as it started. 

 I really enjoyed this new creative endeavor and also traditional Japanese practice. 

And, I get to keep the flowers, which are unbelievably breathtaking !

 I can’t wait for next month’s session.  



3 thoughts on “Flower arrangement club 

  1. Hi Sweetie, your mom and I are reading the on the ferry back to the UP. Your flowers are gorgeous! Fun to see them on a gray morning here in Michigan. We’re driving home today where the sun is shining and temps are in the ’70’s. Love, Claudia

    Claudia Vlisides claudia@cvcpallc.com

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