New Years Cards 2016

Cheers! Each year we make New Years Cards and do an exchange with an American High School. Last year, one of the American kids said his favorite drink was whiskey. This year, some of my boy students asked if they could get information about some gorilla dance? I was like — whatever floats your boat, as they laughed sheepishly. They know by now that I encourage them to be weird. (Though they rarely take the chance.)

This year is the year of the MONKEY! Last year was the year of the SHEEP. If you want to know more about the Japanese New Year and such, check out my blog from last year.

Here is a random poem about the monkey I found:

“I am the seasoned traveler
Of the Labyrinth.
The genius of alacrity,
Wizard of the impossible.
My brilliance is yet unmatched
In its originality.
My heart’s filled with potent magic
That could cast a hundred spells.
I am put together
For mine own pleasure

Here are my students’ cards:

2015-12-04 14.01.392015-12-04 14.01.162015-12-04 14.00.332015-12-04 14.00.062015-12-04 13.59.582015-12-04 13.59.55


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