Dollar store

2016-01-08 21.56.02-1
Dollar store purchase. One of the many.

Is there anyone out there who shares my love of small talk? Anyone at all?

Small talk being the random conversation you have with a perfect stranger, I just find it totally freeing to have no idea what’s on the other side of the conversation.

Perhaps the reason I am glorifying such an act is because, as I’ve detailed before, is the shortage of it when I am in Japan. Mainly that I am just trying to no look like a dweeb trying to understand the standard stuff in Japanese, that starting some good ol fashioned buddy-buddy small talk just isn’t a priority — just yet.

But, today was different.

Today the cynic in me took a deep dive off a short cliff, and the cheery, overly stated person finally came out.

I was checking out at a pretty dead store during a snow storm. The cashier, a younger woman, maybe about 22 in bright eye shadow and a green shirt asked me how my day was going.

I told her, but the conversation trailed off.

Had a quick internal dialogue with myself along the lines of:

Do I really want to bring up Japan right now?! Who really cares, right? People just want to get on with their day.

Lately, those have been my thoughts. Which is rather surprising since I have personally witnessed the power behind sharing ones’ story freely. It must be our gut reaction to think no one cares.

What a shame that is, isn’t it?

But, today, I said it.

“This was a great deal!” I told her.  “Actually, all this stuff I’m bring back to Japan because I live there now. It’ll make great gifts.”

She was surprised and elated. Smiling, she asked if I could speak Japanese and that her and her friend really wanted to learn Japanese. I told her about the chill classes I took at local community college.

Ended up showing her some of the Japanese Yen I had in my wallet. Turned out she collected foreign money and even had some from a mission trip her aunt went on in Paupau New Guinea.

I couldn’t give her my bills, but ended up having a 100 yen coin left i my wallet after frantically trying to unload it before I left.

“It’s yours,” I said.

Ended up giving her my email in case she wanted to go to Japan through the same program I am in one day.

Still got it, I guess.



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