Home for the Holidays 2015-16

I was in Wisconsin for the holidays. I flew into Chicago, took a bus up to Madison, stayed there for a while, ventured up north to see more family, back to madison, MKE for a night and flew out on Jan. 3, to land in Narita, Japan, on Jan. 4.

Time Travel ended up ROCKING my 2016. And I’ve experienced whatever the opposite of jet-lag (extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones)


I just googled it and there is no word for “the opposite of jet lag,” so I’m about to coin it and say I had Jet Fab, cuz I’ve had more energy than I have had in probably 6 months. My clock reset and I’ve organized, cleaned, worked out, grocery shopped, and cooked, like I was on the more righteous path to be the best house wife and subsequent work wife I could be TO MY SELF>

While I’m riding high for this 1.5 days, I just wanted to say that being home was completely wonderful. I continue to be amazing by people’s willingness to go out of their way for me.

“Spending” time really makes a difference in keeping relationships strong even when out of the country. Even just having lunch or going to yoga revives that human connection that phones and Skype can’t quite capture, though aren’t we just graced with the opportunity to have these conveniences in our lives?

It was great seeing many loved ones! Unfortunately, even 12ish days feels short with the holidays packed in there, too. So, I wasn’t able to see everyone. I hope that people aren’t mad or sad if I didn’t contact them or get a chance to say Hi. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day.

Just wanna say again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the love and support. Though it is (sometimes) difficult (sort of) being in 2 different worlds, I’ve seen a lot of my friendships grow stronger because of the intension and extra emphasis that has to be put on staying in touch.

Other than that, my heart is filled with potent magic that could cast 1,000 spells. Happy 2016.


One thought on “Home for the Holidays 2015-16

  1. Great Post Victoria! Thank you I have just relived the holidays again. I had a bit of Jet lag, first day at the condo in FL. New routine to be established. I love to see the 2 weeks through your eyes. Pearse was front and center, hmmmmm.

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