SONG OF THE DAY William Z.Villain – Anybody Gonna Move

A grand old friend. Always worth more than a lesson, more than a listen. Ah, reminds me of all the live shows of his. Thanks for your art, Ben!

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a1063870533_16 Stumbling upon the Wisconsin artist William Z. Villain this morning was a complete accident but I am so glad and thankful for my over-tapping computer finger!

Whilst browsing though Bandcamp earlier I unintentionally clicked on a video and it began playing, within seconds I was completely hooked and by the end of the track I hastily purchased the whole album, all because of this one song! Sometimes you know that you are going to like something and I instantly got that feeling about William Z. Villain.

Titled ‘Anybody Gonna Move,’ this has got to be one of the instantly likeable songs I’ve heard in a long time, I loved the sound of it from the first few seconds.  Visually, Bill Villain is also quite fascinating to watch, attributed by a quirky, charming and off the wall manner that makes the video quite magnetic.  There is a lot to be said for simplicity…

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2 thoughts on “SONG OF THE DAY William Z.Villain – Anybody Gonna Move

  1. I would call it a haunting toon. Maybe a bit dark for me, but there was something that made you want to listen. How’s the rest of the album??

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