The Food Issue: What I Eat in Japan

2016-01-17 12.52.02-1.jpg
A “conveyor belt” sushi place I went to in Kinshicho, Tokyo.

Food snap shot: A pretty typical 3-day array of foods I eat in Japan. Both homemade and store bought.

The biggest change was that I eat a lot more fish and rice than I did in America.

The second biggest was that I eat a lot more fermented foods, including kimchi and fermented soy beans or “natto.”

{Note: See an extended version of this article, with more on seasonal eating, in an article I did for}

Friday, Jan. 15

2016-01-15 20.25.34.jpg



Sauteed Mitake mushrooms

Soft tofu with honey

Fish Sausage

Small salmon steak

Salmon o-nigiri (rice ball wrapped in seaweed with salmon in the middle)

Beef, bamboo and cabbage stir-fry (Thank you to Kenyeh for this homemade dish!)

Mushroom soup

Coconut milk, banana and cinnamon “ice cream” (Thank you Kenyeh!)




Saturday, Jan. 16

Sweet potato


Cherry blossom flavored soy milk

Fuji Apple

Tuna and mayo o-nigiri

Tuna sashimi

Avocado slices

Steamed green beans

2016-01-15 07.20.22.jpg

Sautéed Mitake mushrooms

Tuna o-nigiri #2

Shrimp and salad over noodles (from 7/11)

Soft Tofu with honey

Rum and whiskey egg nog (homemade from a friend)

3 umeboshi (sweet pickled plum) flavored alcoholic drinks

Green tea


Sunday, Jan. 17

Milk-tea soy milk

Nigiri sushi – sea urchin, tuna, salmon, eel

Tako yaki (octopus dumplings)

Carbonara Pasta

Shabu-Shabu (boiled meat (pork and beef) and vegetables, then dipped into either ponzu sauce or sesame sauce)

Spicy Korean-style dressing salad greens with seaweed and carrots on top


Orange Soda

Green Tea

Sugar-free Red Bull

Yuzu Sorbert (Japanese citrus fruit)

Vanilla Ice Cream



Other foods I’ve enjoyed in the past few months in Japan, including some Western foods. (Note: Both Reese’s and Skittles are from America.)

**Comment below with what you think looks good, gross or most enticing…**


4 thoughts on “The Food Issue: What I Eat in Japan

  1. Some of my friends this past weekend asked me about the food I enjoyed in Japan when I visited you. I really liked the ramen and many of the shashimi. I think your diet now looks very diverse, that’s good. But what I did miss is fresh salad!

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