Because sometimes…

 You just need to eat something besides Japanese food… Indian, Italian, American, Korean… And pancakes are ?? Thickest pancakes I’ve ever eaten, by they way…yum.

pancakes in tokyo
Korean fried chicken in Tokyo
Indian food in chiba
tako burger and pizza
Korean bbq


3 thoughts on “Because sometimes…

  1. I had dinner at a new restaurant on the square, Tavernakaya touted as a ‘Japanese Gastro Pub.’ Whatever that is. It’s one of those new places built I think for all the influx of Epic staff living downtown. But the food was very good and not at all expensive. I had General Tso’s chicken. Perhaps when you’re here in June we can go and you can help me choose something more adventurous. By the way, they do have a Japanese pancake!

    Keep the food reviews coming! Love you!

    Claudia Vlisides 608-772-5793

  2. Awesome pancake, or should I call it a cake. Reminds me of Japanese white bread, so thick and delicous. Now I for pancakes. Your pics was like traveling through a food smorgasbord! Wonderful!

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