Island Hiking Trip Coming UP


There’s good and bad to everything ~ so I prefer to acknowledge both, as it is too easy to lose sight of this. It’s a struggle missing my family and friends every day. Yes, even when I’m having fun, that’s when I miss them most.
But living in a country with vast natural treasures matched with many forms of transport to get there, has allowed me to get in touch with the side of me that loves being in nature, traveling, hiking and exploring.
For the next 6 days, I’ll embark on a trip to Yakushima with friends, an island located in southern Japan. I’m bring just a backpack, which is a big deal for me, as I tend to always overpack, worrying about not having this or that, etc.
But, I’m just going to let it go and try to not worry about what i don’t have and just trust that I’m resourceful enough to make it work.
Having given myself opportunities to prove in the past has helped me be confident in this fact. I still want to be prepared, but letting go of extraneous items and making what you have work, well, that’s something I can always use more practice doing 🙂
The trip will include, a 2-hour plane ride (at 7:20 a.m. tomorrow morning!), a bus to the ferry port, and a 2-hour ferry. We’ll spend some time at the beach, rent bicycles, go to the natural hot springs that overlook the ocean, do a 2-day mountain hike + kayak trip, visit one of the oldest trees in the world, plus some relaxation.
Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Island Hiking Trip Coming UP

    1. Yeah… I STILL should have packed lighter~! Also needed so much sun screen and bandaids for my poor feet ! haha. I thought about when you let me borrow your hiking backpack for the first trip to Japan while we were hiking… 🙂

    1. Hi Tony! I’ve got tons of photos and experience to share! Just gotta organize it all to put up on here. Highly recommend the Island 🙂 gorgeous and a real glimpse of nature untouched.

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