Celebrated my birthday by 

Going to an outdoor beer garden then karaoke for cheap, train ride home filmed drunk man, partied on a roof top in koenji and sang disco, stayed in shinjuku and slept in, ate great amounts of Greek food and drank Greek beer for the first time, walked around Yokohama and saw a man walking his pig as if it were a dog.

Petted pig and felt super. Bought umbrella in anticipation of the reason, watched street performer, tried to stay up fast and furious Sky mission but could only get thru the part where the car smashed through 2 skyscrapers, then fell asleep. Ate the most dismal frozen yogurt #menchies and decided to let it go. Turkish food for lunch and walk from shinjuku to harajuku. Met blonde woman for coffee and decide the barista is in love with her. Leave and try to shop at h&m, realizing Japanese fashion is the devil when a size 40 doesn’t fit my shoulders or bust line. Chuck bag of clothes away and get Mexican food. Right choice. The end. 


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