It’s year 4 for me in Japan.

  • I’ve eaten incredible foods, climbed mountains, did all-Japanese yoga classes, went to castles, a baseball game, swam in the ocean, viewed Mt. Fuji, and partied in Tokyo.
  • Since being in Japan, I’ve traveled to 17 different prefectures as well as Seoul, South Korea.
  • I moved to Tokyo in June 2017 to start a new job at GPlus Media as a staff writer and content manager for their several publications for foreigners in Japan.
  • Still enjoying the shock and excitement of being surrounded by a different culture.

As usual, I still have so much more to do, learn and observe.

More About Me

I moved to Chiba, Japan, in August 2014. 

  • As a newspaper reporter for 5+ years, I learned to observe how others created change in their communities. I used this as a guide to decide how I wanted to follow suit.
  • This site is a mix of my time in Japan, as well as a sample of  my journalistic and artistic accomplishments.
  • PS – Add me on LinkedIn.
My Philosophy

A journalist is, above all, an information gatherer. But, how that information is displayed and how it engages an audience — that’s where the new journalist comes in. Engagement isn’t just more clicks; it’s connecting a community. In an age where technology makes it easier to be in lost in one’s own perspective, journalists empower readers with knowledge that’s outside their immediate lives, but affects how they see and interact with the world.

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